Design wizard.
MMA mathematician.
Lifelong martial artiste. 

A former Middle Easy mini-boss,
Justin Golightly is a lover of the
fighting sports and can be found on
the writer select screen at Champions.

He holds bachelor's degrees in Mass Communication and Studio Art from the College of Charleston.  

Good Shit Important People Said

"The best thing Middle Easy has to offer."  Zeus Tipado, Creator of Middle Easy

"One of the funniest people in this whole sport. Seriously."  Tommy Toe Hold, MMA cartoon

"Most promising new MMA dude I've seen in years. "  Jonathan Snowden, Senior Writer for Bleacher Report

"One of the most fun and engaging folks in MMA I've met."  Brian Oswald, MMA Editor for Bleacher Report

"A pro. Seen at least a hundred things [from him] and been like, 'Damn. That's ill." — Mike Fridley, Editor-in-chief  for Sherdog